Visualizing Amazon RDS with QuickSight

2024年1月22日- By Thach Nguyen

1. Introduction

Data is an incredibly valuable resource, but it needs to be refined in order to harness its potential. Hence, being able to visualize data quickly and effectively is akin to owning a state-of-the-art refinery that continuously produces high quality assets. Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) is being used in the backend as a storage for numerous data activities and it’s a waste to leave the data idly lying there. Let us discover how we can transform Amazon RDS data into impactful and purposeful visualizations.

2. RDS and QuickSight

First, I would like to introduce you Amazon RDS as well as Amazon QuickSight – AWS’s BI (business intelligence) service – as they work together to make the transformation happen.

  • Amazon RDS: It’s a robust base in which your data is situated. Transactional data from e-commerce platforms, user data from apps, or analytics from websites are going to be securely and reliably managed by RDS. Raw data can be challenging to decipher but extremely beneficial if broken down constructively and scrutinized.
  • Amazon QuickSight: This is where it matters most. Even with tremendous amount of data, it’s not going to be of much value without accurate techniques, proper storytelling. QuickSight takes your raw data and, with a few clicks, turns it into visually appealing dashboards and actionable insights.

3. Integrating 2 services

We need to go through the following steps to create an insightful and interactive business dashboard with RDS and QuickSight.

  • Connectivity
    Assuming that you already had an RDS database up and running with databases, tables all set up. You’re going to need two Security Groups that would enable accessibility between RDS and Quicksight, one will be for connectivity from Quicksight to RDS Database and one will be for RDS pushing data to Quicksight.
  • Data Selection 
    QuickSight will then access your RDS and showcase the available databases as well as tables. Select the desired one, and just like that, you’re plugged into a vast reservoir of data waiting to be visualized and actioned upon.
  • Manipulation
    Data will need to be queried, tweaked so as to meet demand accordingly and as spot on as possible. QuickSight offers options to clean, filter, and transform your RDS data to ensure it’s visualization-ready that would result in the finest storytelling experience imaginable.
  • Visualization
    With your RDS data now in QuickSight, time to let your inner creative beast loose. Want to track sales over time? Do consider a line chart for better clarity on the timeline. Wondering about regional demographic data? A colorful heatmap or a scatter plot might be your best bet for finding focus areas. QuickSight offers a buffet of visualization options to cater to our ever-changing analytical need.
  • Sharing and Collaboration
    Once your dashboard looks just right, with the right story go ahead and share it with stakeholders. QuickSight ensures that your visual masterpieces are not just confined to yourself but can spark insights and provide intuitive decision-making capability across your organization.

4. Why?

Why is it highly recommended for enterprises to leverage what QuickSight dashboard offers supported by RDS?

  • Real-time Analysis. With the RDS-QuickSight duo, you don’t have to wait for weekly or monthly reports. Visualize data as it streams into your RDS, ensuring you’re always in the know.
  • Cost-Effective. Both Amazon RDS and QuickSight are pay-as-you-go services. No upfront costs, hence, no unnecessary commitments unless you decide to purchase Reserved Instances but that would be a different topic.
  • Security. AWS is synonymous with top-tier security. Your data remains protected at every step, from its resting place in RDS to its visual representation in QuickSight.

5. Closing

Amazon RDS and QuickSight can be utilized to increase desired business outcomes by supercharging decision-making processes through expressive, extensive charts. By seamlessly integrating the two, businesses can pivot from data collection to deriving actionable insights.





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